Interior Design Studio

Kristen Myers Home. was born with a vision for the love of two things: home + family. Your home is where life happens and your story unfolds. My dream has always been to create simple + cozy spaces, where families can live their best life comfortably.

What began as a passion to create a place for my family where memories are made, grew into an opportunity to create simple + cozy spaces for family and friends. They invited me into their homes and trusted me with their most intimate spaces where their friends and family gather. Over time, I began to trust myself and the word got out to their friends and family.

I love finding the unique characteristics that make up a home to tell your story. I work with clients to find their style and incorporate it into a well balanced and thoughtfully designed space. 

Whether you’re local to Georgia or across the country in California, you can still have a beautiful space! I offer e-design services + local full service home design. No project is too small – from paint color consultations, to rearranging a room to give your room a fresh new perspective, to starting completely fresh, Kristen Myers Home can help! 

I’d love to create a home you love! I can’t wait to get to know you better and your vision for your home!

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